I read your book and it was amazing. The way you wrote it I could picture every scene crystal clear, as if I was sitting in the corner. I was glued to it for two days straight! I only put it down to eat, sleep, or going to the bathroom…The intense pieces I would catch myself holding my breath, or my eyes popping out like helium balloons! You truly did an amazing job 100%.

Thank you for writing Haunted Journey.                                         Jaydn H. (11)


Sep 07, 2016 Sandra WB rated Haunted Journey on Goodreads. It was amazing!

Congratulations Wendy! What a wonderful story! As you may recall I bought a copy for the local school library, but I will definitely recommend that they consider buying more copies and hopefully a teacher would even use it as a classroom read! It definitely deserves a wide audience - especially throughout Muskoka!! The themes of family, change, growing up, and taking responsibility are all so well woven into this story of Caleb Lawson and his family and community. I agree with whoever was suggesting a sequel!!! It would be terrific to see your cast of lovable characters facing new challenges and adventures! (Even Andrew!! Haha) I will be recommending this book to anyone I can!                                                  Sandra WB

I thoroughly enjoyed reading (Haunted Journey) and will recommend it to others. The book hooked me from the first sentence and made me want to read  until the last... Now, I will wait for the next in the series. (I hope!) I know my grandchildren will love this book as well. …This book is a winner!                                               Marlene R.

What a wonderful story! I can’t wait for the sequel… Each character left you in a space of contentment yet further growth.