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This settlers' cabin can be found at Muskoka Heritage Place, Huntsville, Ontario. Built in 1872, it was the home of Henry Edward and  Elizabeth Hare, who raised fourteen children there.  When I came upon it, I was surprised to find  it  exactly as I had described the Lawson family cabin in Haunted Journey, complete with a stump near the front door, where the children's mother enjoyed sitting with a cup of tea to listen to the early morning birdsong.

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An Unspoiled Muskoka Lake

Summer was filled with wonderful events for both  readers and authors. Over three evenings, in Haliburton and Muskoka, 25 local authors entertained audiences with reading from their work: humour, memoir, poetry, and extracts from novels-in-progress. We look forward to continuing this wonderful summer tradition in 2020.

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Welcome to Haunted Journey!

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“a beautiful writer and story-teller whose attention to detail takes you into each scene emotionally and physically. She captured me from the first page and I developed a fondness for every character…a wonderful story of endurance, family, and the strength of love” ~ Yvonne Heath, Inspirational Speaker, author “Love Your Life to Death”.

“I loved your book and it was amazing. …I could picture every scene crystal clear…I. was glued to it for two days straight! I only put it down to eat, sleep, or going to the bathroom. ..The intense pieces I would catch myself holding my breath or my eyes popping out like helium balloons!” ~Jadyn I11)

“I bought a copy for the local school library and would definitely recommend they consider buying more. It definitely deserves a wider audience…..Themes of family, change, growing up, and taking responsibility are all so well woven into this story…I will be recommending this book to anyone I can.” ~Sandra Watson-Brown

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Themes of loss, danger, struggle, alienation, redemption, and the strength of family highlight this gripping story.

In 1879, two years after he’s run away from his family’s home, fifteen-year-old Caleb Lawson is haunted by dreams of his younger sisters in distress. These dreams lead him on a journey home, where he desperately hopes he'll be welcome. Along the way, he must confront his reasons for leaving. On arrival, Caleb is unprepared for the family tragedy that awaits him. And to add to his challenges, he must contend with Andrew, a bitter young man intent on sabotaging his attempts to start over.

Haunted Journey is also the story of Samantha, Caleb’s eleven-year-old sister, who is torn apart by worry over her brother’s fate and anger at his leaving. A village doctor, a new teacher, a life-threatening storm, dangerous bears, and rumours of a local witch add drama to this richly detailed, nostalgic story, set in a period when closely-knit families and communities pulled together in times of trouble

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We are proud to announce that Haunted Journey is available in Ontario at:  Veranda Collection, Bracebridge; Nook and Cranny, Bracebridge: Robinson's, Dorset; Rafters of Muskoka, Baysville; Miss Nelle’s, Baysville.

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