The Importance of Memory Sticks

March 10, 2016   The Importance of Memory (Sticks!)

 While concentrating on finishing my novel, Haunted Journey, I had put aside my romance/mystery novel for well over a year. When I decided to have a look at it again, I discovered several chapters missing, five or six at least, I thought. I had a vague recollection of what happened in those chapters but not any detailed memory.  Naturally, this was very frustrating, and I felt disheartened at the prospect of rewriting those missing chapters. I diligently checked all three computers in this house for the missing files, and then I searched my small collection of memory sticks, certain I'd find them there.  No such luck!

 A few weeks later, while searching my bookshelves for another item, out fell one small memory stick, and yes, there were my missing files. Not only that, but I discovered I'd done quite a rewriting job on the first few chapters. So, today, I've put that rewritten first chapter on this site and removed what was there. Lesson learned: I recently bought a very large mass storage unit of 500 GB, and from now on, everything is going to be saved on this one unit!  I'll find another use for those small memory sticks.

"Swimming in the Rain", the novel's tentative title now has thirty-four chapters! I feel good about what I am rediscovering as I catch up on my plot and characters. Now all I have to do is decide "who dun it" and how! That may turn out to be the trickiest part of all.