Kobo, KIndle, Nook etc. All e-versions finally available!

Dear Friends,

  First of all I want to thank those of you who have come to my book presentations and supported me in this new adventure of being an "author". I guess it's official as it was posted on the sign of one of the libraries where I recently spoke. See attached photo.

  I'm writing because some were waiting for the e-book versions to be "straightened out". Haunted Journey was up on Kobo, Kindle, Nook, and other sites for a while, but I was not pleased with the formatting, so I took it down for a while to be reformatted. It has been available again on Kindle for several weeks, but there has been an ongoing problem getting it up on the Kobo site again.

If you thought you heard cheering all the way from here today, that was me! I finally received the news that Haunted Journey is now available again on Kobo. So, if you or any of your friends are interested in reading it on your Kobo, you now can!

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and support for this new adventure in my life and for all the wonderful comments you're sending. They mean the world to me.

All the best,