Thoughts of Perfect Spelling on a Wintry Day


 When I was in public school, I used to get perfect marks on almost all my spelling tests. We also had Spelling Bees, where the teacher lined us up in two teams along opposite walls, and we took turns spelling a word. If you got it wrong, you not only let your team down, but you returned to your seat humiliated. I don't imagine modern classrooms put students through that. However, I was always glad to be one of the last ones standing.

 There came a time when I deliberately made mistakes on a spelling test, so as not to get 100%. Why would I do that? Because I was being roundly made fun of for always getting a perfect mark. I suppose today, some might consider that a form of bullying, but at that time, (I think it was Grade Two) all I wanted to do was avoid the situation, and so I deliberately made some mistakes. 

All of this is background to indicating how horrified I was recently to read over a couple of these blogs and find not only a spelling error, but a grammatical one, too! Horrors!  I'd like to think they were due to my growing cataracts or the fact that I usually post late at night, but I can't be sure.  One might have been a simple typo. I'm grasping at straws, here, folks, endeavouring to rescue my reputation as a perfect speller! (This programme just underlined both "endeavouring" and "programme" because I've used Canadian spelling, not American. That's a whole different issue!) 

So, that's all for now. I just thought I'd try to explain myself.  I've been slightly traumatized to discover I'm no longer perfect in the spelling department. It was one of my few claims to fame!